The future digital cash

Betakronan is a test bed that has begun due to the Riksbank's inquiry into a public digital payment instrument. Betakronan's purpose is to enrich the conversation and the investigation of the e-krona with insights that come from laboratory development and actual implemenations in code.

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Betakronan was started to respond to the Riksbank's wish to receive comments on the e-krona project. A project aimed at investigating and developing a state-guaranteed digital supplement to cash.

For us it is obvious that everyone should be able to participate in the digital economy. We consider it a fundamental right to be able to take part in the social infrastructure that payment services make up. We do not think that the participation of individuals should be conditional on a customer relationship with a private bank.

Unfortunately, vulnerable groups such as paperless, new arrivals and people outside the banking system are often restricted to physical cash. This creates difficulties for them to participate in society. Even wealthy groups such as tourists and business travelers experience thresholds to participate fully in the economy in Sweden. For us it is self-evident that all groups should be included in a solution for the e-krona.


The implementation is based on the Hyperledger Fabric block chain platform with the Hyperledger Composer tool. The source code is available on Github.

You can also take a closer look at Betakronan's API. Click below to see more how it works.

Test it!

Do you want to experiment yourself with Betakronan? In order to access our block chain, an ID card is required. Mail us at and we will get back to you!

We have built a simple simulation of an online payment page that uses e-krona for payment via QR code. So far without identification method.

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The Riksbank asked Sweden's technology companies and developers to tell about their vision for the e-krona. We want the Riksbank to:

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